Dublin, city of rain

My first time in Dublin was not what I expected at all. Started with a work trip and turned out to be a trip to discover a city of enchantment.

The trip did started before getting into the plain, with all the flight and work arranges; it was about the presentation being right, the plain to be on time and the hotel room to be booked. I didn’t stop to think what I was actually going to see and look forward to. All that I knew and expected from Ireland was rain, green and why not, ginger.

Work went fine, stress as expected, but then on a Friday afternoon I was free. First on the agenda was move from the fancy Maldron Hotel Cardiff Lane to a more affordable but confortable stay. A friend of mine suggested Airbnb for me to arrange an affordable and nice accommodation for the weekend. It turned out to be better than expected.

While I moved from one place to another I could see some of the sights, after all I was staying at the center of the city. I got to see the one of the Famine Memorial. Just recently I learned that those memorial are a reminder of the Great Famine period in Ireland, a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration. But behind these sculpture there is more that a moving feeling of suffering and struggle. The color and material integrates perfectly with the city, making it a whole. Makes your thing, right?

Great Famine Memorial
Great Famine Memorial in Dublin

I then took the bus at Connolly Station to Clarehall. The bus ride felt like forever, maybe because I was a little anxious to get there, leave my things and start my weekend vacation; or maybe because it was very far away. Later on the trip I learned that Clarehall was only 20 minutes away, not that far from the center of the city.

That afternoon I decided to stay in, rest a little and be prepared for a night on the town. And that my friends will be another blog post… Stay tune!

Dublin, city of rain