Nude Color in Fashion

One of my favorite color of all time is color nude. It’s a simple tone but with so much potential and edge. This color can be found on lipstick, clothing, shoes and nail polish.


When it comes to make up, for me as natural looking as you can look, the better. But when I say natural looking, I mean try to look as radian, flawless skin tone, flattering eye lining and pink lips as you can look, basically looking your better self. And to achieve this looks it’s something very difficult because you want to look fresh without showing any imperfection… Like passing yourself through Photoshop.

Someone else can give a master class on how to achieve natural look, since it’s not my forté. But one of the few things that I enjoy about this natural look is the nude lipstick. There are a lot of great brands in the market, but I personally prefer M.A.C. cosmetics. A little tip that I’ve learned reading too many magazines, the trick to get that picture perfect nude lip is to have a good moisturizer, some concealer and, depending of the pinkness of your lips, a nude/blush lipstick.

To leave you with the idea, here are some examples of great natural looking makeup with nude lipstick.

Nail Polish

For me, this is the best kind of manicure to get. It is simple, resistant and clean finish. Usually, for ladies with little free time, it’s a way to keep it light, matches with every outfit and it’s great for a week to week manicure color. But if you want to get funky, there are so many combinations to get: Black & Nude, Glittery, French, Ombré, among others styles.

With countless brands and tone you can choose what fits you better and try it out. There is always a perfect one for each skin tone either if you want it to be seamless or you want to make a statement. O.P.I. always is the best choice for manis, it is an excellent brand and you bet they will last for a long time. Other brands that I enjoy using are Sephora & H&M, they have a smaller package so I can try out with different colors. Also they dry faster.


Last but not least, let’s get dressed! There are lots of clothing essentials you can have and make a bold statement. The beauty of this color is that even with a very elaborate dress, it gives the impression that you have less clothing than other colors, so there is a sexiness hidden. Whenever I chose to dress with nude clothing I always wear nude underwear and match the outfit with nude shoes as well. To wrap it up I opted to leave you with some of my favorites red carpet looks with nude gowns/dresses.

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Nude Color in Fashion