Wa’kü store&gallery

Last Thursday I had the chance to assist to the opening to a new store with a very interesting concept. It’s name is wa’kü, and even though there is no meaning to the world on Collins English Dictionary, it concept is fresh, inclusive and very original.

Being a gallery as well as a store, the interior design is focused towards displaying all it products like a pieces of art, to learn to appreciate the fabric of the clothing, the color of the paintings & the reflection of the light in the jewelry.

From clothes from Sister Jane, with a distinctive and fun design, to pieces from Raul Del Sol‘s exhibition “Entomology”, the place is filled with a very good vibe. For the opening party, the hosts had jägermeister’s shots, the poisson for happines & music by Inma Gomes to set the mood.

I personally invite you to visit this store, they are at the Raval, the center of design and cultural movement in the heart of Barcelona at Carrer de la Lluna 2, or visit their Facebook Page and have a preview with their cool pics.

Wa’kü store&gallery

Nude Color in Fashion

One of my favorite color of all time is color nude. It’s a simple tone but with so much potential and edge. This color can be found on lipstick, clothing, shoes and nail polish.


When it comes to make up, for me as natural looking as you can look, the better. But when I say natural looking, I mean try to look as radian, flawless skin tone, flattering eye lining and pink lips as you can look, basically looking your better self. And to achieve this looks it’s something very difficult because you want to look fresh without showing any imperfection… Like passing yourself through Photoshop.

Someone else can give a master class on how to achieve natural look, since it’s not my forté. But one of the few things that I enjoy about this natural look is the nude lipstick. There are a lot of great brands in the market, but I personally prefer M.A.C. cosmetics. A little tip that I’ve learned reading too many magazines, the trick to get that picture perfect nude lip is to have a good moisturizer, some concealer and, depending of the pinkness of your lips, a nude/blush lipstick.

To leave you with the idea, here are some examples of great natural looking makeup with nude lipstick.

Nail Polish

For me, this is the best kind of manicure to get. It is simple, resistant and clean finish. Usually, for ladies with little free time, it’s a way to keep it light, matches with every outfit and it’s great for a week to week manicure color. But if you want to get funky, there are so many combinations to get: Black & Nude, Glittery, French, Ombré, among others styles.

With countless brands and tone you can choose what fits you better and try it out. There is always a perfect one for each skin tone either if you want it to be seamless or you want to make a statement. O.P.I. always is the best choice for manis, it is an excellent brand and you bet they will last for a long time. Other brands that I enjoy using are Sephora & H&M, they have a smaller package so I can try out with different colors. Also they dry faster.


Last but not least, let’s get dressed! There are lots of clothing essentials you can have and make a bold statement. The beauty of this color is that even with a very elaborate dress, it gives the impression that you have less clothing than other colors, so there is a sexiness hidden. Whenever I chose to dress with nude clothing I always wear nude underwear and match the outfit with nude shoes as well. To wrap it up I opted to leave you with some of my favorites red carpet looks with nude gowns/dresses.

If you enjoyed this post and want to have more ideas about what and how to wear this amazing color, I invite you to visit my Pinterest Board: “Color Nude In Fashion”.

Nude Color in Fashion

& other stories

Recently I was introduced to this store and by the moment I went in, I felt in love with it. It’s a Sweden brand called “& other stories” and their modo goes something like this:

“Today, a woman with a love for fashion creates her own style. She wears things that feel right to her and reflect her personality.”

And this brand certainly have personality…

The store have a minimalist, design studio style that allows the clothing to pop up. Shapes and fabrics that are very original, every piece tells a story, a different story for the person who buys it.

Working with great designers from around the world like Swedish shoe designer Disa Treutiger, American illustrator Alyson Fox & English designer Marten Andreasson, gives it a sense that is clothing that can be worn by women from different background by with a unique fashion style. To complement, create and evolve into personality. And making a valuable & sustainable clothing is a requirement they have on all suppliers when it comes to environmental practices and working conditions for their employees.

And the variety is to die for. I have to admit the weakness that I have for shoes, even though I cannot wear all of their kind, does not mean that I don’t fall for them over and over. It is amazing the shapes and colors, and how can give a traditional and classic pair, a twist into design and originality.

If you are interested to learn about the brand, visit their website & if you would like to see some of my fave pieces, look at my pinterest board: & other stories.

& other stories

Floral Spring

One of the things I like the most about Spring is that every thing is blooming again: flowers, trees and fabrics. As you might be aware, when winter falls, hues fall with it. Not only the days seems gray but clothing is rule by dark and sad colors. But when see sun ray that brings back the green and see that first leave blooming, you know what is coming… A garden and stores full of bright patterns, and my favorite the floral fabric patter.

As I looked over the spring collections for this year, I chosen a few pieces that caught my eye from some known designers. The pieces go from everyday wearing to cocktail dresses, finishing with a night-gown.

3.1 Phillip Lim

The american with chinese roots impress me very much with his modern style. Pieces with cutting edge lines but keeping it classic with some jeans and flower patters. I really liked the mix and I’ve chosen these two pieces which I liked the most.

Vivienne Westwood

Since I met her back when Sex and the City was still on air, she blew me away with her out-of-the-box style. The english fashion designer still inspire and shock us with waves of great looks and a lot of asymmetric pieces. Here are my favorites from this season’s line.

Zac Posen

Last, but no least. This designer has fill the season with body tight cocktail and cinderella gowns, taking romanticism to the next level. I specially love the puffiness of the dresses, as a really celebration of fairy tales. Here I leave you with a dress and a gown.

Zac Posen Spring 2013
Zac Posen Spring 2013
Floral Spring

Spring Colors: Max&Co.

One of the streets that I frequently walk by in Barcelona is Passeig de Gracia. Since I work in one of the building I love to walk over and take pictures of my favorites showcases.

Recently a new designer store opened and it caught my eye immediately: Max&Co boutique. For those like me that don’t know who they are, they are a retail project from the Max Mara Fashion Group. It was launched on 1986, they have dedicated to real fashion-conscious woman eager to put together a personal style with their clothing, accessories and why not?… Ideas.

Max&Co Boutique BCN
Max&Co Boutique

There is a sweet feeling about the showcase, might be the pastel color, the soft fabrics of the clothing or just the lighting that makes me want to enter and buy every item of the store. The official opening party took place past April 12th where they invited the renown names in Barcelona’s fashion spotlight.

Even though the temptation was not bearable, I decided better to browse their web to find more about the Sprint collection and look for more unique pieces. One of the first thing that I looked for was this pair of floral print trousers and shirt that I saw in the showcase. The silk floral fabric is perfect for spring time, fresh and loose.

Filato Trousers - Max&Co
Filato Trousers – Spring 2013 Collection

I also notice another items that caught my eye. A soft blue dress that I find perfect for a Sunday garden lunch, with printed silk ballerinas and eye-popping yellow maxi-bag.

If you want to enjoy more of the pieces that I liked the most I invite you to visit my Pintrest board: Spring Colors Max&Co

Spring Colors: Max&Co.