Music Listography

Well hello everyone! I’m back here and this is a very special project that I want to work on to warm up those marketing skills! Althought you guys don’t know me, I think with this we will be able to reach and get to know eachother a little bit better. First I want to start by confessing someting:


This is no secret and if you ask someone that actually have met me, well they will agree. 

Music takes a very importa space of my time and my life, such a cliché statement, but is the truth. Yesterday I was going through my stuff and find this notebook that my brother gave me for Chrismas (mostly because I pretty much insisted that it was going to be the best present every) and I am now dusting it off and sharing with you guy: my Music Listography.

Barb's music Listography
My Music Listography

Starting this project to fill it out, I decided to create a hashtag on instagam: #MusicFriday. Every friday I will post one of the questions on my Music Listography for you to say which one is your favorite and for me to be able to make up my list! From your suggestiong I will be creating my list and posting it here, in my blog for you to read the definitive #Top20.

Hope you are as exited as I am with this new project and end up having fun! See ya this friday!

Music Listography

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