Roses are red…

Table set at Meeating23
Table set at Meeating23

This past saturday my dear friend Paula Maso invited me to one of the “most girlie days” that we had, quoting her own words. She invited me to this workshop called “Caffè di Fiore” where Pepe Von Strüdel taught us different ways to make an original flower arrangement.

We met at Meeating23, this lovely three floor gallery where you can have any kind of intimate event and they’ll arrange the place just for you. The workshop was going to take place on the third floor and they have arranged the most elegant table for us nine girls. Each one of the assistant were very interesting bloggers and we all were very exited with what we were going to learn.

The first activity was to make a decorative jelly with eatable flowers. There were to types of jelly, transparent tasteless and reddish watermelon. Pepe bought organic flowers that were cultivated without any kind of chemical so they were good to eat and they smell delicious!

For me was very interesting the whole idea of making an eatable flower arrangement, eating flowers is not something that I am accustom to do but  I was not unfamiliar with the concept. I even try some of the flowers to get around of the idea on how the dish was going to taste.

We then moved on to a second arrangement, very small and delicate. We were to use a cup to be our flower vase. To stick the flowers Pepe used styrofoam which soaked up before cutting a piece of each one of us, he then gave us pink little french ranunculus and roses and we started to mold our arrangement.

It was an honor to be at the first edition of “Caffè di fiore”, spring edition. If you want to learn more about the dates of next even, please leave a comment or visit Von Strüdel‘s Flower Shop website. Hope to see you in the next workshop!

Roses are red…

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