Dublin: The Night Life

Continuation of Dublin, city of rain

After staying quiet that friday afternoon, it was time to head out and get to know the night life of the city. I was meeting with a group of colleges from work. Three of us were foreigns (Timur, Francisco and me) and Mike, who was a Towner, so it was up to him to show us a good time. I was the only one that was her first time on the city, so I intended to suck the vibe of every place we went like a sponge.

Camden Rotisserie Menu
Camden Rotisserie Menu

First stop was Lord Edward Pub. It have this old-time tourist bar feeling. All wood with part of green in its walls and furniture, playing a rugby game at its numerous plasma TVs and serving every kind of pint. Even though I arrived fashionably late, we stayed for only one drink and headed of to have dinner. Reference said that the food there was really good but we had something more conventional in mind.

We left the place towards Camden St. to go to Camden Rotisserie. The place is very well decorated with the southern theme and the ambient is rust and familiar. You can find the traditional drinks like ice tea and your southern side dishes like hand cut fries. We ordered the “Chicken Schnitzler” & the “Pulled Chicken” with sides of smash potatoes, carrot and parsnip pure and beer battered onion rings. All was exquisite in a comfort food kind of way, best meal to get energy to go out drinking.

Then we stopped by  the Mercantile Bar, there we had a drink and watched a band playing live. I loved the environment of the bar, was like going to this cool friend house who knows a lot about music, was forming his own high school rock band and decided to invite the whole class to his house while his parent were out for the weekend. Lot of people of different styles and ages were there just for the music and for a moment I though that I would have LOVE to grow up in this kind of environment: every weekend going to different pubs finding this awkwardly great newcomer bands that were going to be the next big thing and I was there to presence it first, becoming the first fan base and just feeling like that moment was the beginning of the history of music.

Band playing Live at Mercantile Bar
Band playing Live at Mercantile Bar

After that we went to Sweeney’s Bar. We did not stay long so it did not make an impression to me, but it is definitely  a place that I would like to go back, just to give it a chance, stay, have a few drinks and make an opinion about it. We make it to a couple of more places, all of them great, but unfortunately for me we only stayed less than an hour in each.

Dublin definitely have one of the most alive night life that I have experience, because it was not to get waisted in alcohol, but to meet new people, enjoy great music, drink the best whiskey in town and feel alive by the lights of the city. It was worth it to stay until 4:00 am and just enjoy the city.

The city have a lot of great places to wine and dine, besides the Temple Bar. So I invite you to get lost in those streets and enjoy what the city have to offers.

Dublin: The Night Life

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